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Vikram Vedha

Better late than never! I didn’t see this movie when it was released but took my time for someone to recommend me this one, and then I went.

Madhavan, in the role of Vikram, an encounter specialist, is a straightforward, straight-shoot officer, who does not pay attention to the intentions and moves of the people around him, and that could cost his life. How he handles his this handicap and finds out the real villains – is the story.

Madhavan looks like Kamalhaasan in his mannerisms, movements, facial expressions, etc., though not sure if that was intentional.  His acting, as well as the acting of the co-stars, is impressive.  Music and the songs are good, but they do not stick after coming out the movie. And that’s okay for this high action movie.

The story lacks the motivation to watch till the climax!  There, all the pieces come together.  And the jokes made during the climax stick well with the audience!  If not for that climax, the movie would have crumbled down. Special marks to the directors for this intelligent piece of work. The story flow is very logical, and it needs a keen observer and watcher to remember the story flow and appreciate the significance of the happenings and their connections.

The directors impress upon the audience that there is no right and wrong, and everyone is acting to preserve themselves and their circles – which is true to a major extent in the society that we live in today.

I recommend this movie strongly to people who are intelligent above average, can appreciate sequence of events and remember them, and who can enjoy light-witted humor.  I very well see a Vikram Vedha II in the pipeline by the way the movie ends, and sure enough, I look forward to it!


Viswaroopam – Two & a half hours of sheer err…. head-ache

Kamal – an undercover RAW agent working on neutralizing terrorists.

When a movie is born, from the stature of someone like Kamal Haasan, the expectation is that it would take into consideration the socio-economic situations prevailing currently. The venue of the action is in Afghanisthan mostly. If the movie had been released 4 years back, it would have made sense – the situation then needed awareness among the public worldwide, and may be to the people of Tamilnadu, who are not exposed to the sheer goriness of the violence and bloodshed of the war in the recent times.  But today, everyone is well aware of what has happened in Afghanisthan through newspapers and web-sites which portray bombs, bullets, guns, and shells in their front pages.  So, what is the need for releasing this movie now – especially when the war in Afghanisthan is over?

Agreed, it takes 2 years to make a movie from conceptualization to the box office, but one has to also consider the immediateness of awareness of today’s scenario. Events that happened 24 hours back are being forgotten, because people are just getting bombarded through websites and social networking sites of happenings around the world, so, it is very difficult to catch and hold the attention of people in this fast-moving world. So, when one makes a movie, they should consider this fact in mind, and plan their strategy accordingly.

If the objective of Kamal Haasan is to awe the people with his global exposure and technology mumbo-jumbo like Faraday cover, well he has already done that so in his past movies many times, so what’s new?  Almost every family today have at least one family member in United States or in other developed countries, so what’s the big deal?  We have all seen and heard of it Mr. Kamal.   If the Faraday cover had been explained initially in the movie through a conversation between the heroine and the hero about how it works, it would have enlightened people about what it is, and how it is important for making the bomb not to explode, but just screaming ‘Faraday cover’ two or three times and then covering a microwave oven on top of a bomb – who will be able to understand ? Just looks like a technology show-off.

Another aspect to it is the target audience. Let’s be realistic – which centers are being targetted – A, B or C ?  C center would obviously won’t be interested or understand this movie which is too smart for them. They don’t do hero worship anymore, so forget about them watching the movie for Kamal Haasan. A and B centers will not appreciate this movie due to the sheer goriness and violence and blood. And also the reasons mentioned about technology awareness and social situations awareness.

So, when there was a complaint that distributors are not ready to buy the movie at a high cost, I understand now about why there are concerns. Let’s face it, Kamal is the only projected gamble in the movie – as a hero. What or who else can we fall back upon?  It makes perfect economic sense to not to pay high cost for this one.

One may ask, ‘Oh, why do you always expect more and more from a Kamal movie? Why do you want it to be better than ‘Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu’ or ‘Pancha Thandhram’? Why can’t you just watch it as yet another movie?’ For which, I will reply that it is that expectation set by Kamal Haasan over a period of time that each of movie excels his previous ones.  I don’t go to movies at all, except Kamal’s.  So, when a Kamal movie is getting released, I am inclined to think what’s special in it and how he has used his talent in it. Nowadays, I am disappointed, especially after seeing ‘Dasaavadhaaram’ – which was a sheer make-up drama.

The mere saving grace in Viswaroopam is that initial dance in which Kamal is the dance teacher. Music is lovely in that song and makes me tap.  And the sprinkle of jokes are good.

But all is lost in the violence after that. Blood, blood and blood. I wonder who would like to watch such bloodshed ? I wonder how this movie was given UA certificate?  It should have been given A certificate, or should have been just banned!  As a mature adult, I was not able to keep my eyes open and watch the movie in full, so how am I going to give ‘parental advice’ to my child who is watching the movie with me – to watch or not watch a scene ?

I don’t recommend this movie to watch – for anyone.

Kamal should stop acting and start mentoring young actors with his talent. And focus on direction.  I think that would be the best way to go.