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Managing And Achieving Goals

Managing and achieving goals has never been so complex than today. It’s not because of the lack of opportunities, but because of the availability of so many options that one could look at. Added to the complexity is the hype generated by the social media networks, whose confusing infuse of varied type of information every moment puts the readers’ mind at unease. So, it’s important to focus on what’s important for oneself and doing those stuff on a daily basis for one’s success. Here are some tips on how to manage and achieve one’s goals.

Start with You

It sounds pretty simple, but we often forget that unless we are centered around who we are and what we want, the rest of the Universe would be meaningless. Staying truthful to oneself, one’s capabilities, and one’s known limitations is the starting point. Whatever is required to manage yourself better, that should be done – be it the regular workout, yoga, breath practices, and having “no content” times. Taking care of these, and then honest inquiry into what one wants on a regular basis, will set the tone on creating the right goals.

Be Social

Most of our career goals are intertwined with others. It does not make sense to achieve something in isolation, or do things that are not in the benefit of others. While we do this, it puts us in touch with several types of people with varied temperaments, so it’s important to be able to handle different types of people and work with them. Online or offline, the skills to be social with people is important.

Set SMART goals

While several things have changed in the environments that we live in, the basics of setting goals have not changed. One of the methods is setting SMART goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely. More information at .

Steven Covey’s “7 habits of Highly Effective People

Steven Covey’s “7 habits of Highly Effective People” deals with 7 important habits to organizing oneself towards achieving their goals. I have personally taken a class on this, and I have implemented them in some areas of my life and have found it successful. This will be an important toolkit for managing and achieving your goals. More information at .

Constant Review

I can’t overstate the importance of reviewing one’s goals and whether one is in the right direction, and whether the goal still makes sense to the individual. By constantly reviewing the goals, one would be able to make sure that they are in the right path and set to achieve their intended goals on time, so that it serves the purpose for which it was set, and it is still meaningful to achieve that goal. Period of review would depend on the individual goal.


I hope that the above tips would help you in managing and achieving your goals. At the end of day, you should be having fun doing the stuff that you would like to do, because I personally always believe that the journey is more important than the destination. If you are not having fun along the way, chances are that you won’t be happy when you reach your destination. So, keep that in mind when you venture for something. All the best!

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My Poetry Journey Begins!

Never thought I would write a poem! In fact, I looked away from poems, because to me, they contained complicated words, many times unable to be understood. Okay, I got to be fair when I say this that this is from a “layman” perspective – not your Bell curve’s extremities!

And then came a day when I was looking at this picture, and I just decided to write a poem – my first official one.

Photo by Qingbao Meng at

By the way, I should probably thank Qingbao Meng for making me a poet, because many times I have tried to rhyme words, but never got the courage to express the words as a poem AND publish it!

If you like listening to poems, then check out my YouTube channel:
The poems are getting updated there: .
I would really appreciate if you could subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I write one poem daily. You can find all my poems at the Instagram account: . You can follow me there too!

I write about environment, different aspects of it. I take the voice of the trees, animals, and the nature, and talk from their perspective. Because they need a voice. More than ever, now!

See you soon, at my YouTube channel and the Instagram account! I hope you enjoy my poetry!

Love, and Love.

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Waste Segregation Thoughts on a Valentine’s Day

It is Valentine’s Day.

As a responsible household member, I was going through the garbage/trash that I was going to throw away out of my home. I already segregate wet and dry waste, so dry waste was my interest. Every day, when I throw out dry waste, my heart bleeds and feels for the Earth which is going to receive this, and I keep thinking how to avoid these from going out.

The majority of them are from the plastic material that comes from the retail stores – Pasta bags, strawberry can, chips packets, milk and oil covers and so on.  And the remaining are the papers, tablets aluminum, paper bags, etc. I dutifully segregate dry waste every day, to see what I throw out – so that I hope that one day, I will be able to figure out how to prevent the ‘incoming’ garbage – from the retail stores, from the online e-commerce portals, from the pharmacy, and so on.

As I think about, retail stores are the major contributors to the waste, and most of it is plastic. The package industry needs a major overhaul and new way of thinking. But, no one seems to address it. The western thinking of ‘protecting’ stuff before delivery to customer has led to using these packaging materials, which end up in the garbage dumps.

As a consumer, I could do a few things to reduce plastic waste:

  • Buy in bulk, so that micro-plastics that cannot be filtered from water systems can be avoided
  • Buy loose items that are not packaged as far as possible
  • Reduce consumption – buy what I need and not what I want

And, as an eternal optimist, I hope that one day, we will invent and start using the replacement for plastic!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Sustaining Earth’s Environment

Several measures are needed to sustain Earth’s environment – reducing carbon emissions, moving to clean energy, etc.

The topics that interest me in this spectrum are 2-fold.

Human population, like it or not, is having a toll on the environment. Even if our needs are pretty simple, just to satisfy our basic needs, compounded by the usage of packaging material (including plastic), and the logistics and supply chain, the effect is going to humongous. Instead of asking people to reduce their needs, or not to go live their life, it would be sensible to refrain from having more babies. Makes sense?

Bio-diversity is an important theme.  The myriad of lifeforms that exist are important for the survival of all lives, including human. We tend to think that they are not important, but every life depends on each other, so its important to support the most basic life forms. These include reforesting (with the right kind of trees for that ecosystem), protecting the corals, protecting the marsh lands, and the mangrove trees that tend to grow where the rivers meet the sea.

I have been fortunate enough to support the fundraising for a few organizations that are working on these areas. I am going to be working with more of these organizations in 2020 and beyond. Funds are important for the sustenance of these projects, and thus my motivation.

I will write in detail about how the human population and biodiversity are getting addressed in different parts of the world in my future blogs.

Wishing you all a very happy new year 2020!

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Sometimes, anger can just be pent-up, unspent energy.  Have you ever felt sometimes that you have no reason to be angry on someone, but you just feel like being angry, and you express that towards the person that’s close to you or near you?

A whole lot of things can be the reason for this held-up energy. Your physical body needs a release – be it spending all the energy that it has – and not exercising or giving work to the body could be a reason for this.  Your mind also needs release – in terms of its creativity expressing itself, etc.

“Work” is not just the job that you do. Work is an expression of yourself as a physical manifestation. A beautiful piece of art, a well-done software, an wonderful architecture of a building, are all examples of work.  Work releases the expressive nature of your body, mind, and energy as a physical manifestation.  We all need to ask ourselves how is our work expressing itself in the world?

If we are not able to express ourselves (even though we are paid for our jobs), it creates a block in our system, and that could manifest itself as anger.  This anger could be short-lived and just go away after a while, or it could ingrain itself into our system and become hard-seated, and show up again and again.

Hence, when we feel angry, we need to look inside ourselves, and ask ourselves what’s going on, and why do we feel angry. That’s the first step. The answer may not be forthcoming, and we need to ask additional questions to figure out. But, this is a good exercise, as compared to showing the destructive power of anger towards someone or something, which may not be good for anyone.

So, next time you get angry, you know what to do!


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BrownOut 666 – a book about living in a foreign land

How would you reckon living in a country whose culture and ways are different from the way you are used to and far away from your native? You got to study and figure that out first before you go live there, isn’t it? Check out “Brownout 666” by John Richard Spencer, which gives a detailed preview of how it is to live in #Philippines as a foreigner and the challenges faced.

You can buy the book here:

The official book review at OnlineBookClub for the book is here:

Hope you enjoy the book!

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Encouraging Eco-friendly Commute/Work in Bengaluru

Corporates/companies in Bengaluru can look into encouraging environment-friendly commute/work options. Bengaluru needs individuals as champions to handle the challenges of bumper-to-bumper car traffic, as well as for taking care of the polluted environment.

In this direction, at a policy level, companies can think about facilitating the following

Bicycles to commute

  • Dedicated parking for bicycles/bikes at the campus.
  • Incentives/discounts/waivers for buying bicycle/bike related gear (personal body wear/helmets/hand gloves/guards etc.)
  • Recognize bicycle commuters through billboards/internal emails during company functions, etc.
  • Include a parameter in the performance ratings for CSR in which the employee is rewarded points for their bicycle commute.

Work from home

With the advent of cloud and desktop/laptop work monitoring apps, not everyone need to really come to the office. Many can work from home. This saves office space which can be allocated to newly hired people who need to be in the office.  This also increases productivity of the employee because of avoiding strenuous commute.  Dedicated work space at home with UPS and a steady internet connection can be arranged.

  • Facilitate Work From Home through Cloud technology (where the work does not involve physically handling hardware, physical signing in, etc.)
  • Include a parameter in the performance ratings for CSR in which the employee is rewarded points for Work from Home.

Public Transport

  • Incentives for BMTC and Metro users (free bus pass, free Metro refill upto a certain amount, etc)
  • Pickup buses from main Metro stations and BMTC bus stops by corporate buses
  • Include a parameter in the performance ratings for CSR in which the employee is rewarded points for using public transport.
  • Recognize public transport commuters through billboards/internal emails during company functions, etc.
  • Car pooling for employees going to the same area through cab companies
  • Company buses

Hope corporate/companies make these policies as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, and make Bengaluru a better place to live in!

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The Awesome Page Of Millet Recipes Links!


There are several individual blogs and pages that have millet recipes.
I wanted to make a momma of all pages for the millet recipes, so that
you can get all at the same page!

To start with, I have compiled the currently active pages that have the
millet recipes. In the future, I want to update this blog into sections for
breakfast, lunch, dinner, sweets, occasional recipes, so that you can quickly
find the ones that you are looking for.

Here we go! :

Standard disclaimer: As with anything that you intake, you should consult with your doctor/nutritionist/dietitian on your personal health circumstances on what is appropriate for you.

Thank you!

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Millets: The Proso Pongal!

So, We had tasty, tasty Proso Pongal today!

What’s Proso Pongal? 🤐

Have you heard of Millets, by the way? Some of us would say No. Because we have forgotten.

Well, Millets is a staple food, just like rice and wheat. They consume just 10% of water compared to rice while production.

Millets are rich in micronutrients and better for health than rice and wheat – it releases sugar in the blood very slowly. Guess what that means? Less risk of diabetes and better diabetes management.

Now, about Proso Pongal… the recipe is the same as traditional rice Pongal, so no need to rack your brain!

Go get Proso Millet from your nearby retailer for around 70 rupees per kg. It’s a bit expensive than rice, but it’s all worth it considering the health benefits and the social cause of water conservation!

We have decided to skip rice Pongal from now on, and going for Millets Pongal at our home. How about you?!