Live and Express

Live and Express

Venkat Ramakrishnan

Constant evolving is the key for an alive human being. Learning keeps happening, and one wonders when and where it stops.

Somewhere along the line, I learnt that my life is an offering that could potentially be used for needy purposes. And I also figured that gives me a fulfilling life.  It is a transformation from the fear of ‘being used’ to the joy of ‘being useful’. And that’s still work in progress.

I write about PopulationDiplomacy, Environment, India and myself.

While writing about India, it’s in a context, because I live here. It’s not that I am restricting myself to the wellness of India alone. There are multiple things where work needs be done in India, and that excites me. One gets excited only when there’s a possibility of something that can be done. Even in advanced societies, there is work that needs be done, but in India, there’s so much need be done just for the daily life of 70% of people.

These are my top 10 posts that are most liked over a few years of time. Check them out!

Love and Life,Venkat.


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