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Software Testing: On Continous Testing

Software Testing is being heavily transformed thanks to the continuous integration and delivery. Customers demand speed. Also, customers are in the driver’s seat on how the software should be behave and how it should look like – right from the day one of the design. They are pretty closely engaged with the development and design team on their preferences. It makes sense. It would be worthless to build a product that the customer does not want.

But that brings challenges to the ‘Test’ personnel. Test personnel always need a point of reference to validate and verify if the software behaves as desired, and what is being built is right. But would the ‘test’ still have the voice to say if something is working as expected as the customer themselves is in the process of validating and verifying that?

Another aspect is automation. Verification is designed to be done mostly through automation as it is faster, so what would the automation verify against – when the requirements and specifications are themselves constantly changing? Would the requirements be amply captured in a business specification as part of BDD?  Would that be in a standard format that can be read by the automation and understood?

Today, there are some products in the market that promise ‘healing’ of the scripts based on the changes to the specifications. Would the healing be based on the business requirements documented somewhere (or) would it be the developer’s gut feel of how the software should look like?  If it is the latter, can it still be called ‘testing‘, as nothing is being ‘tested’ as such?

As you can see, there seems to be multiple ways in which everyone is going, and the testers’ jobs have become very difficult!  I think these discussions should continue in various test forums and opinions should be voiced.

We are in an exciting period of transformation, and that comes with a lot of responsibility. One thing is clear – if you are hired for test, your job is to make sure that the software behaves as per the customer requirements, irrespective of how fast they change!

All the best!

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#Gift an #Education, Make a #Life ! – #Isha Vidhya

5 months ago, #IshaVidhya applied for accreditation with #GlobalGiving, a respected online fundraising platform which partners with corporates, employees and individual donors around the world.

Isha Vidhya crossed the fundraising requirements of $5,000 from 40 donors in just 23 days to become a permanent online member partner of GlobalGiving, thanks to many general public, supporters & wellwishers worldwide. They recognize Isha Vidhya’s work in transforming the rural education landscape of #India, and especially in #Tamilnadu. With its high quality education through carefully crafted methodology to the most economically backward children, Isha Vidhya is making a signficant difference in the lives of many rural families – many of them are first generation school-goers.

The fundraising was started to fund the critical infrastructure needs of the rural school near #Dharmapuri in Tamilnadu, needs like academic material, furniture for classroom and staff, compound wall, water facilities, digital class room, etc.

IshaVidhya has obtained $10,175 in donations from 104 donors. It’s heartening to see that 13 of those donations are from #corporate employees through employee gift cards, whose companies are partners with GlobalGiving, and be able to donate to Isha Vidhya through the GlobalGiving portal.

There’s still a long way to go to reach the fundraising target of $97,750, so awareness about this good work need be made to spread the word far and wide so that many more can support this building of rural India through education.

And the good news for the existing donors is that your project Isha Vidhya is in a very good standing at GlobalGiving, in many categories including donations, no. of donors, number and quality of project reports, and frequency of donations. It is expected that IshaVidhya will soon be in the ‘Leader’ category at GlobalGiving, at which time it will be introduced to more corporates, employees, and offered more exposure opportunities.

On February 12th, 2014, between 9:00 AM USA Eastern Standard Time and 23:59 PM USA Eastern Standard Time (between Feb 12, 2014 19:30 PM Indian Standard Time and Feb 13 10:29 AM Indian Standard Time) (what would be the time at my place? :, donations made to Isha Vidhya at the Global Giving portal will be matched 30% by Global Giving, upto a maximum of $1000 per donor, till the Global Giving matching funds of $75,000 run out.  This is a great opportunity for everyone to donate and show their support for Isha Vidhya’s work. The link is:


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