Live and Express

Live and Express

Agile Software Development

I came across a blog post recently on the comparison of Agile development methodologies at:

This blog compares three Agile development methods – Scrum, Extreme Programming and Feature Driven Development.

What I really liked about this blog is its listing of pros and cons of each of the method.  However, it would have been better if the pros and cons were accompanied by examples, which might have been useful for the reader to understand the points mentioned therein.

I also felt that the comparison could have been in the form of a table, where the various factors are listed as columns, and the methods listed as rows.  The list of methods is definitely not complete in the blog, as we have other methods, as described in this blog:

Especially, Kanban and Rapid Application Development are extensively used in the industry, so they need to be in the list.

Thanks for the author for the blog, and I look forward for the next edition of the blog with the feedback that I gave considered and possibly incorporated.


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