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India Population and infertility clinics


To anyone, who is on top of the statistics on India Population, it would sound weird to hear that there’s a claim that there are not sufficient infertility clinics and treatment in India. But, as the recent article shows, they claim that India need more infertility treatment clinics !

It’s kind of weird. On one hand, we are running short of resources because of overwhelming population. On the other hand, we are still running to infertility treatment clinics. So, where is the disconnect?  It is in people’s minds where they are still seeing only children born out of their womb as their children.

I was talking to a friend recently who declared “Every responsible person in India should have their own children, in order to generate responsible citizens!” So, if one adopts a child which does not have anyone to care for, give them education and nurturing, would the child not grow as a responsible citizen?  It will, but, people think that their own blood and genes is so sacrosanct to generate ‘responsible’ citizens, and other people’s genes are not.

So, this individual ‘responsible’ reproduction, even with the aid of infertility treatment, has given rise to collective irresponsibility of generating mind-blowing 1.4 billion population.

The funny thing is the article above says that the infertility treatment is not ‘enough’ for India, and advocates ‘budget’ infertility treatment too!  I wonder if these doctors ever see the population statistics, or just their own survival!

I was talking to a writer today who said, ‘Venkat, with the economic prosperity, the no. of children will go down’.  Agreed, but when?  Time has run out already.  70% of the population is still under-privileged, and the ‘economic prosperity’ has not reached them. They still generate babies for labour.  By the time they achieve the prosperity, India will have irreversible issues.

If rural generates babies for labour, and city people go to any extent to have their own children, where will this end up?

Urban, semi-urban people have the luxury to make personal choices of not to have babies or adopt. They should exercise those choices. And that will make them as true patriots of India!

How can you help?



11 thoughts on “India Population and infertility clinics

  1. Totally agree with your views. i read that fertility-clinic article too.
    Population rise has been high & our poor Planet earth will soon run out of resources. I read a book with scary statistics that’ll be our sad reality…
    We’ll realize when it’s too late…

  2. I appreciate your article. As a Canadian, it seems equally disturbing that in my country of origin, people here spend 10’s of thousands of dollars to have their “own child”. I sadly believe, it is a another form of consumerism.

  3. I too feel, with economic prosperity (and higher cost of living), population will automatically come down. This is already happening in cities. Since more population are moving into the cities regularly, population should automatically reduce, no?

    Destination Infinity

    • Sorry for the delay in reply. I was travelling.

      This is a misconception, that moving to cities will reduce the population trouble. In fact, it aggravates the issue.

      1) When rural people move to cities, they leave behind their land and culture, which in itself is bad. Added to that, when an industry wants to give job opportunities in the rural (or) if there’s an agricultural initiative, there should be people around who can do the work. If people move to cities, neither industry nor agriculture can flourish in the rural, and hence there won’t be any rural development.

      2) Expansion of cities because of more and more population is not a joke. Cities cannot accommodate everyone for ever, and they are already stressed out for resources like water, energy, food, living space etc.

      Check my following blogs on what issues the Indian cities are facing because of the expansion and population:

      Chennai :


      So, the solution is to educate & contain the population in both rural & urban – the way of creating that awareness will be different because the priorities of city and rural are different. But the fact remains that India is overloaded, and don’t need a single new baby for the next 20 years!

  4. Sensible article on a sensitive issue….I saw a similar view shared by Sadhguru on DD podhigai….
    there is a lot of sociological pressure attached to popping out a baby…getting married etc. Mindset should change…we should make the mindset change…already few child-free couples are there in india…hope it grows…

    • Thank you for your comments. If we could only spread the message to adopt than run to infertility clinics, it would serve both the purposes of population containment, as well as giving life for an existing child. Any help would be appreciated!

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