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Live and Express

A visit to the amusement park!

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Yesterday, I suddenly decided to go to the amusement park to amuse myself!

When I reached there, the entrance was so crowded,  with around 500 people all standing waiting for the entrance ticket. One of their family members had gone to the counters to get the tickets. The crowd was choking, as was the ‘queues’ which were there waiting for the ticket. There was so much push and pull at the ticket counter, and people refusing to stand in the queue, in spite of realizing that they will not be able to get the ticket, if the booth was encircled in all directions by many people.

After all this commotion, when I went inside, there was so much of people in queues for each of the rides. One thing that I realized in each queue was that there was one representative who stood for the entire family of 10 people, and when the queue reached a certain stage, all the ‘members’ of the family (sometimes it was around 20 people), suddenly barged in into the queue. This had the effect of me never making any progress in the queue for a long time.

When questioned, they answered, ‘Oh I have a baby so I cannot stand in the queue’ or ‘Oh my relative is already in the queue’ and I am joining them’, or ‘I have a young child which cannot stand in the queue’, etc. So many excuses, but they are all to avoid them to stand in the queues.

More than the queue discipline, it’s the amount of people that bothered me. The family feeling of helping uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers, sisters, etc are fine, but every family had around 10 people.

So, these families along with those kids get multifold which lead to the gate crowding! And it’s the same with India Population. People have these narrow circles don’t look at the big picture, and hence this leads to unmanageable population.

If there’s one thing that I would do to help India, then that would be not to give birth to any more babies in India. This awareness has to spread far and wide in India and reach everyone – urban or rural.

At the end of day, when I came out of the amusement park, I was not amused, but bemused!




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