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The #Sunday wandering on #Population awareness! – #IndiBlogger & #AnahataLife

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When I was planning this March 23th Sunday a month back, I didn’t expect that I would get two opportunities to talk about population and create awareness among two different sets of interesting audience!

Population, being a topic that has been ignored by many completely – due to so many reasons – deemed unable to do anything about it, or just the stigma to even think about it due to various social, cultural, religious and emotional reasons, it is a matter of personal choice – in India especially. Nevertheless, the need of the hour demands that people be aware of the gloomy picture of what India is facing in terms of resources and living well, and thus it’s worthwhile to share the data in forums where people listen and think about it.

On March 23th afternoon, I had the opportunity to attend a very youthful blogger meet organized by Indiblogger, sponsored by Kotak Mahindra Bank for launching one of the products, and I was so happy that I was part of it, since I got to meet a mostly young crowd of college-goers and young working people.  It was around 100 people in a club setup at The Biere Club, Bangalore, where there was so much opportunity to mingle and talk about areas of blogging interests.

When I introduced myself as a blogger who write about population control, there was a collective gasp in the room, and then the smiles of recognition that this is a topic that is different, and valuable too in a broader perspective. Many were very curious to hear about what I share. Two or three approached me to ask what I write in my blogs, and I said I just share data and rest is upto the individuals to decide what to do about it – to stay single, to get married and not have babies, to get married and adopt instead of generating children, or to have children but volunteer to spread the message and link with organisations which will help create awareness. I said the choices are individual but every one of us should get involved in some way or the other if we really care about India, and waht to do something about how we live well in this country – for which population is a burden.

Some of them were quite surprised to hear that in some central Indian states, people have babies so that their kids can go to work and earn money to support the family. A little extension of the traditional 2 children family in an urban area where the parents expect the children to study well, go to a professional job and support them financially – just that in case of rural, they generate 5 or 6 children so that they all go to wages kind of job and support the family. Either way, the concept is the same!

Then I moved on in the evening to address a totally different kind of audience at the M.G.Road Boulevard, where AnahataLife had organized a series of performances and talks where people from various walks of life come and gather and share their thoughts. This was a closed set of audience from various backgrounds. Here I presented a purely data based view of India population problem. Pure data tend to be boring – but then this was my first attempt to talk pure data. I wanted to get a feel of how people connect to data-based awareness creation. Of course, we all know population is a problem and need be addressed, but, how serious the issue is, and what solutions can we look at to address the issue – was something I wanted to share.  It was received well – atleast put some seeds on people’s minds to think about it.

So, that was indeed a fun-filled and sharing sunday with lots of good food, bloggers, audiences and think-tanks. I can’t ask for anything better! I wish I had these kind of opportunities every week-end so that I can mingle with people and share information and data and brainstorm about solutions to address the issue. And I am sure, over time and connections, it will happen!



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