Live and Express

Live and Express

I’m alone….


I'm alone....

I’m alone..
Life surrounds me with joy
With much to savour and enjoy
But I’m alone!

Distant clouds roar with thunder
To trumpet their happiness and ever-rising wonder
But I’m alone!

The mountains roll in a greeny pack
With stories to tell and take us aback
‘This is heaven!’ they groan
But I’m alone !

The grasses brush my lengthy feet
Nodding their heads ‘Oh how sweet!’
But I stand here forlorn
Sad that I’m here alone !

Plant many of my brothers and sisters
With majestic lineup of dense clusters
So we can cry out loudly and proudly
That we are not anymore alone !

Photo by VinodVV Photography (


7 thoughts on “I’m alone….

  1. Awesome poem πŸ™‚ Indeed we are alone if there ain’t much of plants and trees in years to come!

  2. That was a great attempt, Venkat ji. I admire trees and love to see them closely. Both metaphorically and physically, this poem makes a lot of sense.

    Joy always.

  3. Lovely poem πŸ™‚ That too on trees πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Keep going πŸ™‚

  4. Nice poem Venkat. Life is a lone journey indeed.

  5. A beautiful one Venkat :). From the topic I thought it might take a personal front, but tuning that into trees and the social message in it is a beautiful composition indeed πŸ™‚

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