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Live and Express

Meanderings on a Wednesday early morning..


Today is 13th. Very auspicious to write my next blog.

I was talking to someone, and they said ‘Your are too boring! You talk about social projects, fundraising, inspiration, leadership, etc. Too heavy. I like kids :-D’.  I nodded my head, and then started thinking why am I so boring?  They love kids. I am the type who like to find out how the babies get life. Isn’t top-notch technology that I talking about – how life takes form?  It’s probably the effect of the bio-technology novel that I am reading.. Hmm..

Perhaps, I should have talked about how many Likes I put in Facebook and why. Likes of different kinds…Some Like your post just to convey that they agree with your line of thought, some Like to build a rapport with you, some Like just because they don’t have anything else to do, and there’s indeed the very serious ones who Like just to follow your post and find out what you are upto :-P.  Oh, don’t forget to Like this blog 😛

I decided to write a controversial post.. just to be interesting. You see, I am a social animal, and I am supposed to grin when people laud me, and go sit in the corner and cry when people ignore me. So, if I write something catchy, then people will be all interested and comment and keep the thread going, you know? it will be fun.

So, I scratched my forehead (lot of clean surface area these days) and started thinking. My problem is I have friends – left, right and center – capitalists, communists, moderates, socialists, new age. So, if I write something, it should not offend anyone.  For a moment, I sounded like God to myself. I can’t move even my pinky finger, because if I did, it will affect someone in an adverse way. So, my fingers stopped on the keyboard..

What else could you do really? May be we should perhaps be entering an age of understanding and awareness. People just know what needs to be done, and there is no need to even open the mouth :-P. No need for dialogue, no need for fights, no need for violence. We all just knew what’s required and we just do with love. We don’t need languages either because there’s no talk. Sadly, no need for blogs :-P.

Ok, enough wool-gathering. Off to a busy day. Tadaaa…..


5 thoughts on “Meanderings on a Wednesday early morning..

  1. Fantasies or rather some meanderings on a Wednesday morning?

    Joy always,

  2. “People just know what needs to be done, and there is no need to even open the mouth” – I Like that. Which is not to say I do not look forward to more posts from you. 🙂

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