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Year end review – 2012

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It’s December 30th 2012. It’s time to take stock of what happened last year. I usually don’t believe in dates like ‘Happy New Year!’ projected importantly – as I believe that whatever I do externally is generally to satisfy my five senses and the ego, so how does a date matter really ? You can do so any day, any time. But, giving dates helps me to organize myself and focus on my goals, and work in breakneck speed towards them, before death takes me apart from my body (oh yeah! isn’t it?). So, I don’t really believe in a celebration on a particular day. Every day is a celebration. Celebration of life !

These were my goals:

1. Complete working on income generating assets. – 50% complete.

2. Take care of 5 childrens education.  Arrange for 50 others to take care of childrens’ education.  Get 1 corporate funding for infrastructure for a rural school, and 1 corporate funding for land for a rural school. – 75% complete.

3. International travel to one country south of equator in November. – Did not happen. No funding.

4. Bring weight between 75 and 78 kgs. – Did not happen. Too much travel, so fast walk took a hit. Weight is now 85 kgs.

5. Take care of 4 elders’ well being. – First step taken, but not happened. Some indirect steps have been taken.

6. Plant 200 trees in Bangalore and arrange taking care of them. – Did not happen.

7. Learn basic level of Spanish. – Did not happen.

8. Sing Tamil songs in live performances in atleast 5 instances across Tamilnadu. – Planning done, couple of arrangements done, but did not happen due to circumstances out of my control

9. Visit Bellary. – Did not happen.

10. Visit Dandeli National Park and surroundings in April/May. – Done. Went to Goa too.

11. Spread awareness about child adoption to atleast 5,000 people, and enable atleast 10 people to adopt. – Probably I would have spread the message to around 2,000 people, but no success in following up or tracking if they really did it. Need to organize myself well to make this happen.

Stretch goals :

a. Refresh ball room dancing. Started with Cha-Cha-Cha, but did not follow up. Need to follow up.

As you can see, if I write 10 goals, I finish 2 or 3 fully, and 2 or 3 partially. Which is fine. The satisfaction of getting things done is there, and gives me the motivation to do more in the upcoming year. And I am pretty excited about the 2013. It looks promising. And some new challenges and opportunities.

Things that are not written down, do not get done. So, I have started doing this yearly goal setting and planning, and then year end review.

Tomorrow is December 31st, and its going to be exciting….to write the next year’s plan :-).


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